What are your hours?
We are open Monday through Saturday from 8am-6pm. If you are calling after hours, please leave a message if we do not answer the phone.

What areas do you service?
We are proudly servicing all customers in Salt Lake, Utah and Davis counties. By popular demand, we now serve the towns of Grantsville, Heber, Midway, Park City and Tooele. Don't see your town? Please call us. We are happy to accommodate most locations. Travel charges may apply.

Do you have weekend appointments available?
Saturday appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. These appointments book quickly so please call in advance to get your desired date.

Will you call me to remind me of our scheduled appointment?
Yes. We make reminder phone calls the day before your appointment. We are also happy to send you a text reminder if you don't want a call.

Can I schedule an appointment online or via email?
For the most up to date appointment availability, all appointments should be made over the phone. If you prefer using email, you may contact us at wccutah.com@gmail.com and we will get an appointment set up for you.

How long will my appointment take?
Depending on the services ordered, appointments may last anywhere from 1 hour to all day, or longer. When making your appointment, you can ask for an approximate appointment length.

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?
When having your window cleaned, there are a few steps we ask you to take before we arrive at your home: 1. Move any large furniture that may restrict our crewmen from getting to your windows. If you cannot move it yourself, one of our workers will be happy to assist. 2. Depending on your window treatments, please pull up all your blinds, open or take down your curtains, and open up your shutters. 3. Remove plants, picture frames, vases, ornaments, knick knacks, or anything of value away from the windows. We will NOT move fragile decorations under any circumstances.  4. The safety of your animals is also one of our concerns. Please secure your pets while our crew is in your home. 5. If or any reason you need to reschedule your appointment, please do so within 24 hours.

But it's raining. Can I reschedule my appointment?
Yes, we are happy to reschedule any appointment due to weather conditions. However, we can not guarantee you an open appointment that same week.

Is it customary to tip the crewmen after they perform a service at my home?
It is 100% your decision as to whether or not you would like to tip. Please do not feel obligated to do so, as you are NOT required to tip our crew members.


Do I need to be home to receive an estimate?
No. We can do an estimate without you being home. We will walk around your property and count the number of windows on your home. If you have any pets, we ask that you confine them so they're not roaming around the property while we're there.

Can I pick and choose what services I want?
Yes. We are very flexible with our customers! We run an honest business and want our clients to be happy. You pay for the services you want done to your windows. Some customers want their windows and sills cleaned, while others want windows, sills, tracks and screens clean. No matter what services you choose, we will estimate a fair price.

How and when do I pay for a window cleaning service?
You pay for your clean windows upon completion of the service. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our work before you pay a dime. We accept cash, check, credit card (visa, mastercard, american express), and PayPal.

Can I get a cheaper rate if I schedule several appointments throughout the year?
Yes. We are happy to work with you on the price of your service if you book several appointments with us. Please call us for details.

Why do storm & french windows cost more?
The simple answer is these windows are more labor intensive than regular windows.

Do 2nd story windows cost more?
Not at all. We charge based on the type of the window, not the location of the window.

I bought a promotional deal through a third party company. My coupon has expired. Will you still honor it?
Unfortunately, once the deal has expired, we cannot accept the promotional value of the deal. However, we are happy to honor the monetary value good towards any window cleaning service. Please call us for further details.


When is the best time to have my windows cleaned?
As soon as they start looking dirty. We clean windows year round, so whether it's in the middle of the summer or middle of the winter, The Window Cleaning Company can make your windows beautiful.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?
We recommend having your windows cleaned at least twice a year to not only prevent hard water accumulation but also extend the longevity of your windows and screens.

Can you still clean my windows in the rain?
Yes we can. Your windows look dirty because of the dust that has accumulated on your windows. When the rain hits your windows, it draws the dirt into droplets causing spots on your windows. When the rain dries, the dirt remains on your windows. The rain water itself is not dirty. If there is no dirt on your windows, the rain drops won't have anything to cling to.

What weather conditions will prevent you from cleaning my windows?
If there's any type of weather related alert, we may have to reschedule your appointment. Wind, heavy snow/rain and lightning are very dangerous to our crew.

Is it necessary for me to be at home during the window cleaning?
It is not necessary for you to be home during your window cleaning service, however we do recommend it for our first time customers so you may get acquainted with our technicians and we can learn about any special needs or requests you may have. In certain instances, it is not always necessary for you to be home for the entire appointment. We can start with the interior windows while you are home and then you may lock up your home and leave while we continue working on the exterior. We are also licensed, bonded and insured, so you can also feel completely comfortable with us being in your home while you are at work or running errands. If you leave us the keys, we will be sure to lock up all your windows and doors when we are done cleaning. In cases of vacancies or rental properties, your presence is optional but not a necessity, as long as you provide us access.

What products do you use to clean windows?
We use a mixture of dawn dish detergent and glass gleam 3 to clean windows. Glass Gleam 3 uses a new state-of-the art formulation, designed specifically for the professional window cleaner. It outperforms any other cleaner available. It is environmentally friendly and pet safe!

Do I need to provide a ladder to have my windows cleaned?
No. We have all the professional equipment needed to clean windows.

Can you remove paint/varnish from my windows?
Yes. For an additional cost, we can safely remove materials including paint, varnish, caulk, stucco, and stickers from your windows.

Do you remove hard water stains?
Yes for an additional charge. Hard water stains can be costly which is why we suggest cleaning your windows more than once a year to keep expenses down.


What is the purpose of a screen?
The primary purpose of a window screen is to keep leaves, debris, insects, birds, and other animals from entering, while still permitting fresh air flow. People have a misconception that screens are built to withstand a person's body weight. They are not designed to create a safety barrier. Screens WILL NOT prevent a fall!

I'm interested in repairing my screens. How does that work? When do I pay?
Most of our screen repair/reconstruction is done offsite. If it's a small repair, we might be able to do it onsite. We do require a 50% deposit when we leave with your screens. The remainder will be paid upon delivery of your new screens.

How long does it take to get my screens repaired or replaced?
Allow 2-3 weeks for basic repairs or replacement. We can sometimes turn them around sooner depending on the demand. Please note that custom/specialty orders do require more time.

Do screens really keep my windows cleaner?
No. Screens provide a place for dirt to collect. Dust and pollen that gets trapped into the mesh washes onto the glass during a rain storm. The water droplets push the dirt in different directions and after the water dries, the dust remains on the glass.