Residential Cleaning: When we are done with your windows, you will gaze out of them in amazement of just how clear everything can be with clean windows. Not only will we wash your windows, but our service includes wiping all screens and window tracks to ensure the longevity of your newly cleaned windows.

Restoration: Tired of scrubbing at those hard water stains and mineral deposits that cloud your windows and shower stall glass with no success? Let The Window Cleaning Company restore your windows and shower doors/glass to its original clarity and beauty. We use special agents to dissolve even the toughest of hard water build up, soap scum and mineral deposits.

Site Close-out: For any construction company, you can count on The Window Cleaning Company to complete any project with the same detail to cleanliness that we take to commercial and residential jobs. We will go in after the project is finished to beautify the final project by disposing of all debris and trash, cleaning every surface within the establishment, cleaning up the surrounding grounds that building sits on and, of course, making the windows crystal clear.

Real Estate Sales Assistance: Tired of not making that sale to a potential buyer for a home or condo? Have The Window Cleaning Company clean the interior and exterior windows of the property before you show it. Cleanliness can make or break any sale. Crystal clear windows will WOW and impress any potential buyer. Don't risk another lost sale!

The Forgotten Services: Windows are easily overlooked while prepping and cleaning for the party of a lifetime. Don't forget, we can help you get ready for all big events: weddings, graduations, holidays, company functions, etc. The Window Cleaning Company is there when you need us!